Mild Shoyu Soya Sauce 250ml


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In Japan, two fermented soy sauces, Shoyu and Tamari, have been hailed as the queens of seasoning for centuries. Nowadays, these wonderful ebony-colored sauces are highly valued in kitchens all over the world. Shoyu differs from Tamari in its composition: Shoyu consists of soy and wheat, Tamari is a pure soy sauce. The high nutritional value of the Shoyu promotes appetite and provides many minerals, proteins and essential vitamins. During the long fermentation, natural enzymes convert the starch, proteins and fats of raw soybeans and wheat into nutrients that are well assimilated by the body because they are pre-digested: amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, slow carbohydrates. Lactic acid develops during fermentation, which promotes healthy intestinal flora and the efficient absorption of nutrients. The sea salt provides minerals and trace elements. Using Lima sauces as a substitute for salt enhances the natural taste of your dishes, while adding less salt to them.

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