Fair Trade Fortnight!

  01/03/2016 at 17:10 pm

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Wild Thyme is celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from 29th Feb to 13th March.

The theme this year is 'Sit Down for Breakfast, Stand Up for Farmers'.

Being a Worker Co-Operative ourselves, ethical and fair working conditions are central to our ethos. Where possible we will support other worker co-operatives and companies who value the producers as much as the products. We'd like to thank Sue James from Portsmouth Fair Trade Forum for writing a guest blog post for us:

As Martin Luther King famously said, ‘before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world’. Despite our dependence on farmers and workers for the foods, drinks and products that we love, about 795 million people are undernourished globally.

It’s a scandal that the people who grow the food we take for granted can’t always feed their own families. We can support farmers and workers to put food on the table for their families by harnessing the power of a Fairtrade breakfast.

When people are paid a fairer price, they can have more control over their lives when times are hard, and worry less about how they will feed their families. Whether it’s the extra cash in their pockets or being able to expand their farms to grow more food to eat, Fairtrade means many farmers and workers are able to fulfil a basic human need – to put enough food on the table for the people they care about, all year round.

Wild Thyme has a wide range of Fairtrade goods, including lots you could use for an interesting breakfast menu. Look out for goods with the Fairtrade Mark:

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This guarantees that the producers have been paid more than the world market price and work to agreed standards of health and safety, environmental protection, child labour etc. Most importantly, communities receive extra money and decide their own priorities. Schools, wells, clinics, better equipment and roads around the world are the result of this premium.

There’s an inspiring story behind every Fairtrade product and you can find out more on the national website: www.fairtrade.org.uk/‎

Wild Thyme are also working with the local Fairtrade group which has a programme of events for the Fortnight. Have a look at their website www.portsmouthfairtrade.org.uk or Facebook page Fairtrade South East Hampshire.

Wild Thyme is excited to have the opportunity to welcome to our shop Julio Mercado Cantillo, a banana producer from Colombia. He'll be visiting Wild Thyme and be available to meet with customers on:

Friday 4th March at 2.30pm

Come along and say hello, try some fair trade snack bar free samples and maybe stock up on your fair trade bananas from our organic fresh fruit and veg shelves!

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A new film has recently been made featuring Julio and his family:

Wild Thyme is committed to providing fair trade products where possible and we already have a large selection available. Come and check out our fair trade, fruits, nuts, snack bars, sugar, coffee, tea and more!

By Fran